IOC spuds second Cambay well

Vol 17, PW 2 (22 Aug 13) News in Brief

Hopefully IndianOil will have better luck with the second exploration well at its Cambay onland block CB-ONN-2005/2 than it did with the first well, which turned out dry.

IOC spud the second well at the 81-sq NELP VII block on August 10, using a 2000-hp onland rig hired from Shiv Vani at $25,000/day. "So far we've drilled to 500 metres," says IOC.

"The well will be drilled to 3050 metres TD." IOC believes it can complete the well in a little over a month if there are no complications. IOC spud the first well in March 2013 and completed it in May to 2200 metres TD.

Shiv Vani took over two months to mobilise the rig to its present location at Bechraji town in Gujarat's Mehsana district. IOC remains determined to complete its Phase-I commitment of four wells.

"We've hired the rig to drill four firm wells and one optional well," we learn. IOC became an operator with 100% for the first time when it signed the PSC on December 22, 2008.