Shelf and Dynasty match Jagson rate

Vol 16, PW 24 (27 Jun 13) News in Brief

Transocean affiliate Shelf Drilling and Delhi-based Dynasty Oil & Gas have matched Delhi-based Jagson Drilling’s rock-bottom rate in Category-I of ONGC’s 10-rig tender.

Dynasty told ONGC on June 19 and Shelf said on June 13 they would match Jagson’s $91,682/day bid for Deepsea Treasure. Delhi-based Jindal Drilling did not lower its rate for Noble Charlie Yester, as rig owner US-based Noble Drilling declined.

ONGC issued Jagson a LoI for Deepsea Treasure on June 13. Shelf will shortly get LoIs for Ron Tappmeyer and Trident-XII; Dynasty will soon get a LoI for Victory Driller, owned by Dynamic Offshore Drilling.

In Category-II, for a slot rig, ONGC wants sole bidder Shelf to lower its $111,903.38/day rate for JT Angel to $91,682. In Category-III, sole bidder Greatship will get a LoI for HT/HP rig Greatdrill Chetna at $128,428.

ONGC opened price bids in Mumbai on May 21. Rigs must be mobilised within 180 days of the LoI and are being offered by ONGC on three-year contracts.