Life of 'Pai' for Cairn India

Vol 16, PW 22 (30 May 13) News in Brief

Schlumberger has scotched rumours that one of its most senior executives will replace P.

Elango as managing director of Cairn India. Satish Pai (left), 51, who was appointed advisor to Schlumberger boss Paal Kibsgaard on May 8 this year, is widely talked of as a replacement to Elango, who replaced Rahul Dhir as interim head of Cairn on August 8 last year.

“Someone’s imagination is running wild,” says an incredulous Schlumberger source. “Do you think a guy like Pai who was executive vice president operations at Schlumberger would quit his job and join Cairn An executive VP at Schlumberger is like being a Chief Operating Officer in other companies.

Before last month Satish was the global head of all our operations. I don’t think the COO of a $40bn company would join a $12bn company like Cairn.

” Pai is paid $6.3m/annum by Schlumberger, adds another source. “That’s more than Rs30cr/annum,” he says.

“Anil Agarwal wouldn’t pay anyone that much!”

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