Heritage areas of Bharuch to get piped gas

Vol 16, PW 21 (16 May 13) Midstream & Downstream

Heritage conscious BG stopped former subsidiary Gujarat Gas supplying gas to historical old areas of Bharuch, worried pipeline digging would damage buildings, many over 100 years old.

But GSPC's takeover of the south Gujarat gas retailer has changed all that. For the first time in 20 years Gujarat Gas is registering customers for piped gas connections in old Bharuch areas like Malbari Darwaza, Chowksy Bazaar, Brahmin Falia, Lal Bazaar, Koliwad, Chakla, Soniwad, Dholi Kui, Khatriwad, and Ali Kathiawad.

Over 100,000 residents of old Bharuch can now expect gas to flow in by early 2014 after a meeting in April where state energy minister Saurabh Patel directed Gujarat Gas to begin lining up piped gas customers immediately. "We have begun registrations for gas connections," confirms Gujarat Gas.

"The response is good." Especially happy is Dushyant Patel, the local MLA from Bharuch.

Over the past decade Patel has tirelessly campaigned to get piped gas into the old city. “GSPC’s takeover of Gujarat Gas is a blessing in disguise,” he tells us.

Patel complains Bharuch new city has long had a gas grid and Gujarat Gas should have found solutions for the old city too. But a Gujarat Gas source explains that old Bharuch is congested and located on hilly terrain with steep slopes making pipeline laying work difficult.

A few years ago BG became alarmed when a building collapsed because of water pipeline laying work.

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