Uncertain times for Gujarat Gas employees

Vol 16, PW 17 (21 Mar 13) Midstream & Downstream

Anxious employees at former BG-owned gas retailer Gujarat Gas fear for their jobs once GSPC takes management control on April 1.

“There's no clarity about our future,” says a Gujarat Gas employee. “We don’t know how many of us will be retained or how many will be sacked.

” Neither BG nor state-owned GSPC has given a clear picture of what Gujarat Gas employees can expect once the transition from a multinational to a Gujarat government company is complete. “Whatever we learn is from media reports,” adds another company source.

Gujarat Gas has about 450 employees: 30 general managers and assistant general managers; 50 senior managers, managers and deputy managers; over 100 executives; 200 engineers; and 70 other workers. “Only six people work in GSPC's procurement department," we are told.

"Twenty people do the same work at Gujarat Gas. GSPC will definitely cut headcount.

” Another concern is that GSPC will slash perks like the 50% interest reimbursement Gujarat Gas employees receive on home loans, or car loans available from the company at 0% interest. Worse, GSPC salaries are less attractive than at Gujarat Gas.

“We fear salary cuts once GSPC takes over,” adds a Gujarat Gas manager. “We bought houses based on our good salaries and 50% interest reimbursements.

I don’t know how I'll manage loan repayments in the future.” Some senior directors at Gujarat Gas still on BG's payroll are unaffected.

Director commercial Manu Verma and director procurement Sadhan Banerjee return to BG in March. Others like the company's legal, regulatory and processing heads also return to BG.


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