Sexual harassment scandal rocks ONGC

Vol 16, PW 14 (07 Feb 13) People & Policy

CM Jain, the head of ONGC’s unconventional resources department, is fighting sexual harassment allegations made by a senior female official in his department.

“I am shocked and shaken," Jain, 53, tells PETROWATCH. "All I can tell you is I'm a man of high character and there is no truth to her complaint.

” Jain insists he is wrongfully accused because the female official holds a grudge against him. “I doubt her intentions,” he adds.

“If 50 people work in my department then 49 support me. I also wish for the truth to prevail.

” A female official, aged 46, who is chief engineer at ONGC's ‘corporate exploration centre’ department in Delhi filed a complaint against Jain on January 29 with director exploration SV Rao. She alleges Jain kept hovering around her and tried to touch her inappropriately at an ONGC office party on December 11, 2012, held to celebrate a round of internal promotions.

"But her husband was at the party," adds a Jain supporter. "Everyone knows this lady is inefficient and Jain has scolded her many times.

So she trapped him.” Yet ONGC director Rao is taking the matter seriously, referring the complaint to director human resources KS Jamestin, who has ordered an enquiry.

ONGC has constituted a four-member committee to investigate the allegations, comprising three women and one man. "I hope the committee will begin the enquiry today," an official close to the development tells us on February 4, 2013.

“She hopes to get justice.” When contacted, Jain's accuser said: “I have filed a written complaint.

I am trying to seek justice from my office only. If I don’t get justice here (with ONGC) I will file a police complaint.

” Calls to Jamestin and Rao went unreturned.

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