India unsure over Turkmenistan pipeline meet in Pakistan

Vol 8, PW 26 (06 Apr 05) News in Brief

India is undecided about accepting an invitation from the Asian Development Bank to attend the 12th and 13th April three-nation steering committee meeting in Islamabad on the proposed Turkmenistan to Pakistan pipeline through Afghanistan.

ADB has sent the invitation to the finance ministry, an oil ministry source tells us. But we are yet to decide on whether to attend.

Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan representatives will discuss the proposed pipeline for which the ADB wants India as a fourth partner. Our source confirms that India has reversed its earlier opposition to this pipeline project.

Indias previous position was that gas supplies from Turkmenistan might not last long enough to justify Delhis participation in the project. Oil minister Mani Shankar Aiyar has indicated his support for the project and has already received cabinet approval for Delhis possible participation.

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