Jamestin accused by two ONGC juniors

Vol 16, PW 12 (10 Jan 13) News in Brief

Two ONGC human resources chief managers have filed separate cases against the company in the Gujarat High Court in protest at being denied promotions.

Justice SR Brahmbhatt of the High Court issued ‘show-cause’ notices on December 29 to ONGC chairman Sudhir Vasudeva and human resources director KS Jamestin. Under scrutiny is why ONGC chief managers HR Rajesh Saxena and Ranjan Kumar Derhgawen, based at Ahmedabad, were excluded from a list of 675 candidates recommended for promotion to deputy general manager level by Jamestin on December 22 last year.

Saxena and Derhgawen argue that ‘influential’ colleagues and juniors based near Delhi or Dehradun have been promoted arbitrarily, a clear sign of favouritism. Some have even been exempt from the mandatory three-year postings to the northeast, required for promotion to deputy general manager.

Further hearings in both cases are scheduled for January 22.