GSPC racing ahead at $251m onland gas complex

Vol 16, PW 4 (06 Sep 12) Midstream & Downstream

GSPC is pleased with the breakneck speed of work at its Rs1400cr ($251m) onshore gas-processing terminal at Mallavaram in Andhra Pradesh, on track to receive first gas from the offshore Deen Dayal West field by mid-2013.

Not even protests incited by local Congress Party legislator Malladi Krishna Rao (‘Robin Hood Rao’) against its offshore drilling and dredging activities can slow things down. GSPC tells us 3500 workers, technicians, welders and engineers are working round-the-clock at the 287.11-acre onshore complex.

“We completed the ‘pipe-rack’ for Train-1 in July,” he adds. “Engineers India (EIL) began installing piping and erecting equipment in March and subcontractors have begun electrical and instrumentation work in July.

” GSPC’s terminal is 3.5-km from the Mallavaram shoreline in a marshy area not far from Mukesh Ambani-controlled Reliance’s onshore terminal for D6 gas at Gadimoga village. GSPC has not missed the sad irony of the Gadimoga terminal, designed to handle 80m cm/d, but only processing 29m cm/d because of flagging D6 production.

GSPC says it has learnt a valuable lesson from Reliance’s mistake and decided to amend its original plan to build two gas trains, each with 150m cf/d (4.24m cm/d) capacity. Instead it is building two gas trains with 100m cf/d (2.83m cm/d) capacity each.

GSPC has driven 8937 concrete piles, equivalent to 80,000 cubic metres of concrete, into the ground to solidify the foundation for the terminal. It has built 14 buildings using 62,787 cubic metres of reinforced concrete, 99,693 cubic metres of brick masonry and 4629 tonnes of structural steel.

Storage tanks with a capacity of over 580 tonnes have been set up. GSPC used 3150 tonnes of steel to construct 317 pieces of equipment.