BoP trouble hits Duchess

Vol 15, PW 26 (12 Jul 12) News in Brief

A malfunctioning Blow out Preventer (BoP) has hit Noble Drilling-owned semi-submersible Noble Duchess at ONGC’s east coast pre-NELP concession.

PETROWATCH learns Duchess was forced to stop drilling the exploration well earlier this month when the BoP gave trouble as it was lowered in water depths of 250 metres. ONGC wanted to drill this well to 2000 metres TD but decided to be cautious.

“It was a minor problem,” we hear. “A faulty BoP part has been sent to Singapore for repairs and is expected back within 10 days.

” Duchess will remain at location till the BoP is repaired. ONGC hired Duchess last September at an Effective Day Rate of $207,680 on a three-year contract, which began May 18.

Noble Drilling owned jack-up Noble Kenneth Delaney, on a three-year ONGC contract since April 2010, had a ‘punch through’ on May 2 while moving to the B-193 platform at Mumbai High. Kenneth Delaney should resume work by October 15 at an ODR of $64,910.