Incoming ONGC director denies any wrongdoing

Vol 15, PW 23 (31 May 12) People & Policy

His extended family are allegedly offering jobs at ONGC for cash but K.

Satyanarayana denies any involvement. Originally from Andhra Pradesh, Satyanarayana is a group general manager in charge of ONGC’s Tripura asset.

He was selected by the PESB on March 9 to replace director onshore AK Hazarika, who retires on September 30, aged 60. In Andhra, the word is out that Satyanarayana’s family is running a job recruitment racket.

“I’m aware of this scam,” admits Satyanarayana, when contacted by this report. “I don’t know the details but one of my distant relatives was doing it; I and my immediate family have nothing to do with it.

” Aged in his mid-fifties, Satyanarayana is originally from the West Godavari district of Andhra, near Rajahmundry. “I’ve been in Tripura for the last one and a half years,” he adds.

“Before that, I was at Ankleshwar (in Gujarat) for more than four years. I just do my job and don’t bother about baseless allegations.

” But onshore and offshore drilling industry sources tell this report the rumours raise damaging questions about Satyanarayana’s integrity, with his selection as director onshore by the PM-led cabinet appointments committee imminent. “I heard his (Satyanarayana’s) children were taking Rs2 Lakh ($4000) from people,” says an industry source.

“They were offering jobs with ONGC on a contract basis.” Satyanarayana’s office confirms the existence of these rumours but defends his integrity.

“He’s done nothing wrong,” said a colleague. “He wasn’t even aware of the scam until a few weeks ago.

All started after his PESB selection.” Another ONGC employee working at the Tripura asset also dismissed the accusations.

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