Geopetrol delays MP drilling

Vol 15, PW 22 (17 May 12) News in Brief

Not before August will Monaco-headquartered Geopetrol begin drilling five test wells at its Sohagpur North CBM block or SP (N)-CBM-2005/III in Madhya Pradesh.

Geopetrol hoped to begin drilling by April but failed to hire a rig on time. “Our tender (issued in January) is still on,” says a Geopetrol source, adding the company wants to award a contract soon and is simultaneously finalising drilling locations.

Mining Associates, John Energy and Mitchell Drilling are among those thought to have bid, as they are the only companies with rigs that can drill CBM test wells. South West Pinnacle’s Kores-manufactured rig earlier completed 12 coreholes before Geopetrol released it in March.

Four coreholes had good gas content and that's where test well drilling will take place. Geopetrol operates Sohagpur North with a 10% stake partnering Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group with 90%.

Signed on November 7, 2006, Madhya Pradesh state issued a PEL on August 21, 2008.