Energy Charter invite

Vol 15, PW 6 (22 Sep 11) News in Brief

India is set to join the Brussels-based Energy Charter, an international organisation with 51 European and Asian countries as members.

PETROWATCH learns Energy Charter secretary general Andre Mernier wrote to Indian oil minister Jaipal Reddy on August 25 inviting India to attend the next Energy Charter conference, scheduled to take place at Sofia in Bulgaria on November 29. “I would very much welcome a formal application by India to sign the Energy Charter Declaration of 1991 and thus gain Observer status,” writes Mernier.

“I believe this would greatly benefit India and the (organisation’s) existing constituency.” Mernier was responding to an August 3 letter from minister Reddy, stating India’s desire to join the Charter.

A directive from the PMO issued in February in turn prompted Reddy’s move. Since 2005, India has wanted to join the Charter, which promotes investment and free trade between oil producing and consuming countries.