Chart Industries to set up manufacturing unit in India

Vol 11, PW 24 (17 Apr 08) Midstream & Downstream

Cleveland-based Chart Industries – a world leader in cryogenic LNG storage and distribution systems – is planning to set up an office and manufacturing facility in India to tap the growing market in transporting LNG by road to customers who are unconnected by gas pipelines.

Chart is best known as the company that supplies IOC with the equipment that enables it to deliver LNG by truck from the Dahej terminal operated by Petronet-LNG to a ceramics producer in Maharashtra and a glass factory in Gujarat (see above). “We have completed our current orders for IOC and are very happy with the way it is working out at the factories,â€‌ Samuel Thomas, Chart chairman and CEO, tells PETROWATCH.

“We are expecting additional orders from IOC for more such customers. Discussions are going on.

â€‌ Along with other dignitaries, Thomas was attending an official ceremony on the outskirts of Pen, 100-km south of Mumbai, hosted by IOC on April 12, to formally inaugurate what has until now been a pilot project to supply LNG by tanker to ceramics and floor tiles producer H&R Johnson – the first time in India that deliveries of LNG have been made by road. Without the LNG storage tanks supplied by Chart and fitted onto truck chassis, deliveries to H&R Johnson and the Schott Glass factory in Gujarat would have been impossible.

IOC selected H&R Johnson and Schott for this pilot project, which began in August last year. Chart will have a clearer idea within a month about the size of the market for LNG by road customers in India.

“If Chart sets up a factory in India it will be very close to a port,â€‌ says a source, “so they can also export products to regional markets.â€‌ Chart’s proposed manufacturing facility in India will cater to not only customers for cryogenic LNG carrying and storage tanks but also for other gases.