Drill string gets stuck in Premier well

Vol 11, PW 5 (12 Jul 07) News in Brief

Premier Oil is unlikely to release more information on its Masimpur-3 â€کtight hole’ well for another three weeks, amid growing speculation of a gas discovery.

On July 5th, Premier said in a statement the well had been drilled to a â€کmeasured depth’ of 4002 metres encountering a sandstone formation with “good hydrocarbon showsâ€‌ and high formation pressure, which caused “mechanical problemsâ€‌ while drilling. “The drill string became stuck,â€‌ confirms Premier.

“If we can’t free the drill string then we’ll sidetrack the well. We’re confident we can free the drill string.

â€‌ Premier believes it has penetrated the high-pressure Renji formation and wants to drill another 200-300 metres before completing the well, which is being drilled at a deviated angle of 70% by onland rig Century 28 from Century Drilling of Australia. Adds Premier: “The Renji formation might be deeper than thought.

â€‌ Premier says it is “too early to commentâ€‌ on the “nature of the hydrocarbons encountered.â€‌