Prize estimates 46m barrels recoverable at Cluster 7

Vol 10, PW 26 (03 May 07) Exploration & Production

Prize Petroleum will put in place four well head platforms at Cluster 7.

Each platform will have slots for four wells. In addition, provision will be made for two more wells on each platform, using clamp-on structures.

If initial production will be only from the B-192 field, Prize estimates it will be able to pump out between 8000 and 9000 b/d oil over a one year period. By the end of the third year, after bringing on production fields WO-24 and B-45, daily oil output is likely to be 16,000 b/d.

“This is the plateau production that’ll continue for four or five years,â€‌ we are told. After this period, production is expected to decline between 6% and 7% every year, particularly from the eighth year when water breakthrough is likely.

Current, upgraded, estimates are that Cluster 7 holds 46m barrels recoverable oil reserves. Field B-192 also holds associated gas, which Prize would like to convert to LPG using a small capacity unit on the processing platform.

“Production of LPG will be part of the FEED study,â€‌ we hear. Fields WO-24 and B-45 hold non-associated gas, which Prize plans to produce three years after first oil.

Recoverable gas reserves are estimated to be 23bn cubic feet. Gas production is expected to be 1m cm/d over 10 years and, “will be bought by ONGC at prevailing market prices.

â€‌ Oil and gas produced from Cluster 7 will be transported to ONGC’s Mumbai High ICP processing complex through a 30-km undersea pipeline and riser to be laid by Prize. ONGC wants crude from Prize to have less than 0.5% water content.

Says a source: “ONGC says it is already handling a huge amount of water from its own production at Mumbai High and can not handle additional water (from Cluster 7).â€‌ Prize will have to erect a rudimentary processing facility on one of its platforms.

“Most of the produced water will be separated, treated and discharged back into the sea.â€‌