Smooth drilling for Premier at Cachar

Vol 10, PW 22 (08 Mar 07) News in Brief

Drilling continues without incident at the Masimpur-3 well on block CR-ON-90/1 in Assam where Premier Oil of the UK is operator.

Early this month, we hear, the drilling bit of the Century 28 rig from Century Drilling of Australia had reached 1850 metres depth. “Premier has begun setting the 13 3/8-inch casing,â€‌ we are told.

“This (casing) is being pushed and set deeper (than originally planned).â€‌ The next casing, it seems, will be 11 آ¾-inch, “but the depth at which it will be set has yet to be determined.

â€‌ So far, Premier has not faced any problems while drilling, “unlike what was anticipated. They (Premier) are ahead on the drilling programme.

â€‌ Premier’s target is the Renji formation at 3800 metres depth. If everything goes to schedule, Premier wants to drill the 8 آ¾-inch hole into the Renji formation.

If it decides to test the well, a 7-inch liner will be set. Premier is confident this block could hold 2-tcf of in-place gas, with potential upside of 8-tcf.