DGH to begin work for NELP-VII next month

Vol 10, PW 12 (05 Oct 06) News in Brief

Forget NELP-VI, moves are already afoot to launch NELP-VII! VK Sibal, Director General of the DGH, tells PETROWATCH work will soon begin to demarcate exploration blocks for the next licensing round.

We will begin work on NELP-VII next month, says Sibal. We will begin by going over existing data and collecting fresh data for the blocks to be offered under NELP-VII.

Sibal said no time frame had yet been fixed to launch NELP-VII, nor is it yet clear how many blocks will be offered. On 15th September the DGH received a record 165 bids for 52 out of 55 blocks offered the highest ever received in an Indian licensing round.

DGH officials are hoping to be able to announce the NELP-VI awards by January 2007. Encouraged by the response to NELP-VI, Sibal adds that the next licensing round would see even more blocks offered as well as blocks from newer parts of the country.

We want to ensure that the entire country gets explored, he says.