Petroleum India International wins Ethiopia contract

Vol 3, PW 26 (02 Feb 00) News in Brief

Petroleum India International (PII) has been commissioned by Ethiopia to carry out a study of its oil sector.

Ethiopia's separatist war with Eritrea has destroyed the countrys petroleum product distribution and procurement network. PII began its study on behalf of state-owned Ethiopian Petroleum Enterprises on January 15th.

Ethiopia has also awarded PII a management consultancy project to set up a power plant, urea, and ammonia plants based on gas from the state-owned Calub gasfield. Elsewhere in Africa, PII has been pre-qualified to conduct an environment impact assessment for the oil industry in Madagascar and commissioned to set up an oil industry regulatory body in Madagascar, where it has just completed a LPG marketing study.

PII is made up of representatives from Indian state-owned oil companies.