World Bank tells Bangladesh to export gas to India

Vol 3, PW 26 (02 Feb 00) News in Brief

The World Bank has joined the list of organisations putting pressure on Bangladesh to export gas to India.

In a Foreign Direct Investment Study on Bangladesh dated 23rd December, the World Bank said: With current reserves-to-production ratio standing at 35 years, the Banks assessment is that the country could easily earmark 2 trillion cubic feet for export (to India), which could fetch at least $200m a year beginning in 2005. It went on to criticise the stated aim of Bangladeshi authorities to export value added products to India such as fertiliser and electricity.

Preliminary analysis indicates that, among the three options, the commercial risks of fertiliser exports are high and electricity exports are fraught with political risks, not to mention the incompatibility of the Indian and Bangladeshi power grids.