Chennai Petroleum wants training on crude sourcing

Vol 4, PW 18 (11 Oct 00) Midstream & Downstream

Chennai Petroleum Corporation has entered into a 'Pacesetter Performance Process' consulting services agreement with Solomon Associates of the US.

A Solomon Associates spokesman tells Petrowatch the consultancy would complete its study, with recommendations, by the end of 2001. It is understood Chennai Petroleum is looking for advice on how to improve the process of refining, so that its costs are kept down.

In the words of a correspondent, "Chennai Petroleum wants to know how to plug the gaps in the refinery's performance." Another area where the refinery needs help is in the training of its personnel toequip them in a deregulated market. Training is needed particularly in the field of crude sourcing, learns Petrowatch.

Manpower training is high on Chennai Petroleum's agenda. In the last financial year, it carried out a total of 23 training programmes in 'Market Driven Pricing Mechanism'.

Some15 employees were sent to Brazil and Turkey for training to updatetheir technical skills in various areas of refinery operation. Meanwhile, the foundation stone for Chennai Petroleum's 3m tonnes a year expansion at its Manali refinery near Chennai was laid at a function organised in Chennai on October 5th by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Muthuval Karunanidhi.

The Rs2,360cr ($520m) expansion includes a foreign exchange component of Rs333cr ($73m) and will be completed in 36 months.