Ravva crude production holds at 50,000 b/d

Vol 4, PW 18 (11 Oct 00) Exploration & Production

Once upon a time the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons pointed fondly at the Ravva oilfield as a prime example of the potential of India's east coast.

Until off course, it had to contend with ONGC. "The DGH held a meeting to discuss ways of increasing production to 75,000 barrels a day," reveals a source, "But Ravva can't produce 75,000 b/d for at least another two yearseven if the Joint Venture and DGH agreed." Why According to consortium sources,additional processing facilities are required and water injectioncapacity at Ravva needs to be increased from 60,000 b/d to110,000 b/d to increase productionto this level.

There are no plans to undertake the additional work at this time. Reservoir studies conducted by ONGC at Ravva suggest a recovery factor of between 56-60% in the RA/RD block and about 40% from RE, RF, and RB blocks.

The reservoir is performing as forecast from the modelling. Estimated in-place and recoverable oil and gas reserves are as follows: Oil in-place: 404.67m tonnes Oil recoverable: 223.38m tonnes Gas in-place: 7.66bn cubic metres Gas recoverable: 4.73bn cubic metres