Haryana: an example for all states to follow

Vol 5, PW 1 (28 Feb 01) People & Policy

Crisis stalks the Indian power sector, so is it any wonder the government wants publicity for perhaps the only success story on the horizon: Haryana.

On 13th February the Ministry of Power in Delhi signed an MoU with the state government of Haryana in a ceremony attended by power minister Suresh Prabhu and prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. Haryana has a number of plus points to its name.

The World Bank funds its reform of the power sector and it was one of the first states in the country to set up a State Electricity Regulatory Commission. In 1997, it passed its own State Electricity Reform Act and has since "unbundled" its State Electricity Board into four separate entities.

A lot remains to be done. According to figures released by the state regulatory commission, transmission and distribution losses (theft of electricity) is a staggering 40.76% of electricity generated! Haryana promises to reduce these losses to 20% by 2006.

How By installing meters at all of its 11 kv feeders by 31st March this year By installing metres with 100% of its customers by 31st December this year By computerising the billing system in all major towns by 31st March next year By the creation of profit centres at a divisional level, also by 31st March next year Determined to ensure that the timetable is met, the MoU runs for five years and will be reviewed every three months by the power ministry to monitor progress.