Product breakdown and construction schedule

Vol 5, PW 12 (01 Aug 01) Midstream & Downstream

Rivals for the northern India market will no doubt be curious to know the proposed annual product breakdown of the upcoming Bhatinda refinery.

We disclose it below. Product Quantity LPG 900,000 tonnes Gasoline (Premium) 250,000 tonnes Gasoline (Regular) 550,000 tonnes Aviation Turbine Fuel 120,000 tonnes Kerosene 450,000 tonnes Diesel 5.5m tonnes Sulphur 230,000 tonnes Fuel and loss (Including Coke) 1m tonnes Total 9m t/y Six crude oil storage tanks of 86,000 kilolitres capacity each are planned for the Gujarat port of Mundra along with a 1,011-km crude evacuation pipeline to Bhatinda and an intermediate main line pumping station near Jodhpur.

We also have details of Hindustan Petroleum's project schedule for completion of the refinery. By 3rd quarter 2001-02, it hopes to appoint the "Process Licensors"; by 2nd quarter 2002-03, it'll place orders for the crude oil pipeline; by 1st quarter 2003-04 it hopes to finalise the LSTK contracts.

A detailed schedule will only be available when Hindustan Petroleum appoints a PMC for the refinery.