New 3-year wage agreement for Halliburton workers

Vol 5, PW 16 (26 Sep 01) Exploration & Production

It's celebration time for workers at Halliburton's Indian operations! We understand the Hindu militant Shiv Sena party-led workers union last month negotiated a new, three-year wage agreement for 1st April 2001 to 31st March 2004.

According to the broad outlines, each worker gets a little more than 50% increase in wages and other benefits spread over the three-year period. We are told the agreement introduces new facilities like education allowances (for the families of workers), travel allowances and a special allowance for base personnel.

Offshore allowances have been increased for both operators and specialists. The allowance for operators has been raised from the present Rs75 ($1.6) per day to Rs100 daily for a fortnight and thereafter Rs120 per day for every subsequent day.

Specialists will get Rs250 per day for the first fortnight against Rs200 per day earlier. For every day after a fortnight the allowance would be Rs300 per day.

"This agreement is a good deal for us, but the negotiations took an unusually long time," a union representative tells Petrowatch. "It took us 16 months to negotiate this wage agreement against 14 months for the previous agreement." The new wage agreement means workers at the lowest level get a monthly salary of Rs5,250 while workers at the highest level take home Rs22,500 a month.