Cairn applies new technology on Rajasthan crude

Vol 9, PW 25 (06 Apr 06) News in Brief

Cairn Energy is turning its Rajasthan block into a laboratory for a new technology that could dispel concerns about its waxy crude.

In August trials begin at either Mangala or Aishwariya of Proflux 300, developed by Aberdeen-based Oilflow Solutions, which allows waxy crude to be pumped well below its pour point temperature. Oilflow announced on 27th March it would begin field trials in Rajasthan after a $500,000 pilot in Aberdeen.

Recent laboratory trials on Rajasthan crude oil using Proflux 300 resulted in the pour point of the crude oil being reduced from 45آ°C to less than 18آ°C, said Oilflow. This product was developed very much with Cairn in mind, adds Mike Crabtree, MD of Oilflow Solutions.

Our product can turn crude with the consistency of molasses into the consistency of water. Oilflow is using its earlier Proflux 200 version in Colombia and is in talks to apply its technology in Venezuela and the tar sands of Alberta.