South Pars largest gasfield in the world

Vol 5, PW 24 (30 Jan 02) People & Policy

SOUTH PARS IS the largest single gas reserve in the world.

It belongs to both Iran and Qatar and covers an area of almost 10,000-sq km. Iran's section covers almost 4,000-sq km and contains more than 463 trillion cubic feet of gas, making up in excess of 50% of the existing gas volume of the field and about 8% of the world's proven gas reserves.

According to Mohammed Souri's paper, gas projects at South Pars have been divided into 14 phases. Phase 11 to 14 will produce LNG for export from Assaluyeh, which is developing as the hub of Iranian LNG.

Numerous trunk gas lines are planned to transfer natural gas from phases 1 to 10 to neighbouring countries and also meet domestic demand. Some of the main projects planned or under construction at South Pars are: 14 gas treating plants for all the phases, four petrochemical plants, export trunk lines - onshore and offshore, LNG loading terminals and liquefaction plants.

See table below for Iranian LNG projects at South Pars. LNG stage Project name Plant capacity (t/y) Shareholders Target market LNG 11 Iran LNG 7m-8m NIOC-40%, BP/Reliance-60% India LNG 12 Pars LNG 7m-8m NIOC-40%, TotalFinaElf/Petronas-60% Far East (including Japan, South Korea) LNG 13 Persian LNG 7m-8m NIOC-50%, Repsol/Shell-50% Europe LNG 14 NIOC LNG 7m-8m NIOC 100% Not yet decided