Mumbai elections force Naik to miss BG meeting

Vol 5, PW 25 (13 Feb 02) News in Brief

Municipal elections in Mumbai on 10th February forced oil minister Ram Naik to cancel a meeting with British Gas director Sir John Coles.

We learn Coles wanted to meet Naik on 4th Februaryto talk about BG's interest in Enron's stake in Panna, Mukta and Tapti. But Naik was nowhere near Delhi: he was in his home city Mumbai on the campaign trail for his Hindu revivalist BJP party.

Naik was in Mumbai for the whole week, except on 5th February when he went to Delhi for the IBP disinvestment meeting. Oil secretary Vijayendra Kaul was also busy with IBP.

Instead Coles met additional secretary Naresh Narad and ONGC chief Subir Raha.