Cairn hiring as Ravva CRZ approval comes in

Vol 20, PW 19 (15 Jun 17) People & Policy

Cairn India is on a recruitment drive to hire 100 people for its corporate office in Gurgaon and operations in Rajasthan, on the east coast and Gujarat.

On June 6, Cairn advertised for positions in its legal, CSR/sustainability, HR, supply chain/procurement, finance, electrical, chemical, production, instrumentation, mechanical, communications/PR and IT departments. Anyone applying for graduate level positions should be no older than 24 by October 31 this year (2017); post-graduate level candidates should not be over 26.

Anything less than a 60% score in the final year of school or graduate degrees will make you ineligible. All subjects must have been passed at the first attempt and no gap year taken.

Twelve days before the advert was published on May 25 Cairn received crucial Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearance for a Rs3240cr ($1.5bn) proposal to drill six exploration/appraisal and 20 development wells at the east coast Ravva field. First submitted to the environment ministry three years ago (August 6, 2014) the proposal includes a new platform to add to eight established unmanned offshore platforms.

Six of the 20 development wells will be drilled from the new platform RI and the rest will be drilled from established platforms RC, RE, RF and RG. The new platform will be connected to the others through three 14-km subsea oil and gas pipelines, two with an eight-inch diameter and one 4-inch.