Selling CBM from ONGC's four blocks

Vol 20, PW 9 (26 Jan 17) News in Brief

ONGC wants to hire a consultant to assess the market for CBM gas produced from four blocks in eastern India.

ONGC floated a tender on January 24 with a bid submission deadline of February 14 and hopes to award the contract in the next three to four months. Whoever wins will have to assess the demand for gas from the Raniganj North block in West Bengal and the Bokaro, Jharia and North Karanpura blocks in Jharkhand.

"We also want the consultant to suggest a gas marketing strategy," ONGC tells us. ONGC also wants whoever wins to list potential anchor customers with details of demand and planned capacity additions.

Further the consultant must map the spare capacity available in established and planned gas pipelines and suggest any infrastructure additions needed. If an additional pipeline needs to be laid that should also be covered in the report.

Also, a comparative study of other gas suppliers in the region should be included. ONGC will allow whoever wins around 14 weeks to submit the final report.