In public Reliance is serious about R-Series

Vol 20, PW 5 (17 Nov 16) Exploration & Production

In private Reliance might have doubts about the development of its R-Series cluster but in public it's making all the right noises with the result that drillers and oilfield service providers are coasting on a wave of naive euphoria.

You can't blame them for hoping because in the last month Reliance has not only issued tenders for a deepwater drilling rig and oilfield services for the campaign, ostensibly slated to begin in the third quarter of 2018, it has kept drillers tantalised by extending the bid deadline from November 7 to November 18. Reliance tells us the extension follows requests from the limited set of companies to whom it issued the tender: Transocean, Noble Drilling, Seadrill Offshore, Odfjell Drilling and Vantage Drilling.

On November 16, Reliance also accepted bids from manufacturers and suppliers of casing and tubing. "At last there's a chance to get business from Reliance," says a wide-eyed casing supplier.

Oilfield service providers are also upbeat about Reliance's tenders for well-completion, slickline, wireline logging, perforation, cementing, support vessels, mud logging, mud/chemicals supply and well testing. "Reliance is serious," adds a source.

"Otherwise, they wouldn't waste manpower and time." Reliance on October 7 issued the tender to hire a Dynamic Positioning drillship that can drill six wells in water depths of 1500-feet to 7500-feet (457 metres to 2286 metres).