Stranded gas solution wanted at BPRL

Vol 19, PW 26 (08 Sep 16) News in Brief

Bharat Petroleum's upstream arm Bharat Petro Resources (BPRL) is looking for ways to monetise 'stranded gas' or discovered gas which is being flared and is difficult to market commercially, because of location or other factors.

On August 23 BPRL invited EoIs from consultants and others who can provide feasible solutions to commercially use stranded gas. "The EoI notice is not for any particular field or asset" clarifies a BPRL source.

"We just want to get a viewpoint on what commercially viable technologies are available that can be applied for stranded gas reserves. Also we want to understand the challenges we may face monetising this gas." EoIs are due by September 13 and interested companies will be invited to demonstrate their solutions in the third week of September.

BPRL's current portfolio includes 17 blocks worldwide, across six countries: seven in India, six in Brazil and one each in Mozambique, Australia, East Timor and Indonesia. It is estimated that stranded gas constitutes 40 to 60% of the world's proven reserves.