Hard formation slows Sindhuja#1 drilling

Vol 19, PW 22 (14 Jul 16) News in Brief

Unexpected hard sub-sea formations are leading Oil India to predict it will take more than 120 days to complete drilling Sindhuja#1 - its first offshore exploration well in nearly two decades.

"The formation is very hard and this is slowing down drilling," reports an Oil India source. "We had not expected such a hard formation." Otherwise, he adds, drilling with Transocean rig GSF 140 has been incident free at eastern offshore NELP-VIII block CY-OSN-2009/2.

Oil India lowered a 16-inch casing on July 2 after the drill-bit reached 1822 metres. After cementing, drilling resumed on July 7 and will continue to 3000 metres when it will be suspended to lower the next casing with a smaller diameter.

Sindhuja#1's TD is 5600 metres below the seabed, targeting the Nannilam, Bhuvanagiri and KT fault closures. Sindhuja#1 was spud at the 'auspicious time' of 12.15pm on June 5 in water depths of 415 metres.

A cyclone prevented the rig meeting its original May 20 target to spud the well.