Actinia begins ONGC contract

Vol 19, PW 19 (02 Jun 16) News in Brief

Transocean semisubmersible Actinia has begun her three-year contract with ONGC.

Actinia set sail for the west coast from Kakinada on April 17 and reached Mumbai on May 1. By May 18 the rig had secured defence and other mandatory clearances and dropped anchor at her drilling location.

But ONGC refused to accept the rig until critical equipment was loaded, which happened only by May 28. "Transocean is now waiting for the well plan," said a source on May 31.

Jindal Drilling's Rowan Louisiana meanwhile spud well B-154-NA at the Bassein gasfield on May 22 and lowered a 30-inch casing after reaching location on May 13. Elsewhere Greatdrill Chitra continues to drill well D-1-M off Mumbai after beginning her three-year ONGC contract on April 6.

"Chitra has drilled the well to more than 2900 metres," reports a source. "It will drill the well to 3237 metres.

ONGC has observed 'mud loss' while drilling." ONGC is paying a $101,000/day for Actinia; $47,744/day for Louisiana and $74,700/day for Chitra.