On bail Sanjay Gupta under ED watch

Vol 19, PW 19 (02 Jun 16) News in Brief

He might have been granted bail in April but GSPC's flamboyant former managing director Sanjay Gupta is still in trouble with the Enforcement Directorate.

This report learns the Enforcement Directorate is now investigating Gupta's UK business transactions. A police source tells us Gupta sent large amounts of money by bank transfer to the UK, which was detected by the crime branch when it was scrutinising the documents of his Neesa Group.

Crime branch officers then informed the Ahmedabad branch of the Enforcement Directorate. Unconfirmed reports suggest the transfers were made using HSBC bank.

Gupta was in jail for nearly a year after the Gandhinagar CID picked him up on May 14, 2015 from the Grand Cambay hotel on Ahmedabad's SG Highway for allegedly siphoning off Rs113cr ($17m) as chairman of MEGA (Metro Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad), a metro-style project favoured by Narendra Modi. Gupta was granted bail in April for Rs1cr ($150,000).