Reliance boss Nathwani named in suicide note

Vol 19, PW 17 (05 May 16) People & Policy

Reliance will neither confirm nor deny it but industry sources say its group president [corporate and projects] Parimal Nathwani is named in a publicity-seeking 40-page suicide note by a harassed company contractor.

Happily the contractor in question, Ghanshyamsinh Umedsinh Jhala, 38, was prevented from carrying out his threatened suicide by the Delhi police on April 1. Jhala, his wife Jyotsnaben, 35, and their two sons Bhagirathsinh, 16 and Mahavirsinh, 15, boarded a flight from Rajkot to Delhi, to set themselves on fire at Delhi's Jantar Mantar monument, well known for public protests.

But a close relative of the family informed Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) officers at Rajkot airport who in turn alerted the Delhi police, who sent the family back to Rajkot on a return flight. A 40-page suicide note found in Jhala's Scorpio jeep parked at Rajkot airport is apparently filled with allegations of harassment against Nathwani and five others including his son Dhanraj, a senior vice-president at Reliance.

Apparently this incident stems from an inquiry launched by Jyotsnaben, who is the Sarpanch or head of her village governing body, into cattle grazing land given to Reliance by the earlier Sarpanch for its Jamnagar refinery J3 expansion. "No official complaint has been filed by either side [Nathwani or the Jhalas]," confirms a Jamnagar police source when contacted.