Botswana invites Indian CBM explorers

Vol 19, PW 13 (10 Mar 16) News in Brief

Indian CBM players like Essar and Great Eastern have been invited to invest in Botswana, a landlocked country in southern Africa.

"We want to begin talks with Indian CBM companies," Morulaganyi Masalila, executive director (international business) at the Mumbai branch of the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre told PETROWATCH in Ahmedabad on March 3 at a 'Doing business with Botswana' seminar at the President hotel, attended by over 100 delegates. Botswana contains over 212 billion tonnes of coal reserves and Masalila says he wants Indian companies to explore the Kalahari Karoo basin in central Botswana where Brisbane-based Tlou Energy has established a contingent resource of 3.3-tcf at its Lesedi CBM project with coal at depths of 300 to 700 metres.

"There's demand for gas to run power stations in neighbouring South Africa," adds Masalila. Other CBM players in the area include Kalahari Energy and Magnum Gas and Power.