Wind energy power at Oil India

Vol 19, PW 12 (25 Feb 16) News in Brief

Oil India is holding a pre-bid on March 4 at its Noida office in Delhi for contractors interested in an EPC contract to build a 50-MW wind energy power station in Gujarat or Madhya Pradesh - the company's fifth wind power power project in India.

Whoever wins must build the facility within nine months of receiving a Letter of Award (LoA) and execute an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contract for 20 years. Oil India has appointed Delhi-based Power & Energy Consultants as its project manager and set March 11 as the submission deadline for the 'Single Stage Two Bid' process.

On April 16 last year, Oil India commissioned a 54-MW wind energy facility split between Chandgarh in Madhya Pradesh (38-MW) and Patan in Gujarat (16-MW) at a cost of Rs438.95cr. Oil India's three other wind energy facilities are in Rajasthan near Jaisalmer: a 13.6-MW facility at Ludurva commissioned in March 2012, a 54-MW facility at Dangri commissioned in March 2013 and a 5-MW facility at Ramgarh commissioned in January 2014.