Wanted: 18 vessels for five years at ONGC

Vol 19, PW 7 (03 Dec 15) Exploration & Production

ONGC continues to be a ray of sunshine for contractors hungry for work in this depressed industry climate.

Expect a strong response to ONGC’s fresh tender to hire 18 vessels for five years, issued in late November. This follows a separate tender to hire 20 vessels which closed in June.

Tender documents are on sale from November 20 to the bid submission deadline of December 11. Surprisingly, and unlike most ONGC tenders, no pre-bid is scheduled.

ONGC wants 11 anchor handling tugs (AHTS) - each of 80-tonne bollard-pull capacity - and seven platform supply vessels (PSVs). This tender is meant to replace or rehire vessels whose three-year contracts run out between January 31, 2016 and June 26, 2016.

“ONGC’s original plan was to hire 12 vessels but the number has increased as they want to also replace vessels with contracts ending by June (2016),” says a likely bidder. All the companies who currently have contracts with ONGC are likely to bid.

Of the 11 AHTS contracts to be replaced, TAG has four, GOL Offshore has one, Greatship has three, Shipping Corporation of India has two and Sadhav Shipping has one. Of the seven PSV contracts to be replaced, Samson Maritime has three, Greatship has one, Hind Offshore has one, TAG has one and GOL has one.

Vessel owners in the Middle East and Southeast Asia are also likely to bid.