Oil India delays 5-well campaign at Dandewala

Vol 19, PW 4 (22 Oct 15) Exploration & Production

A worrying gas leak, which has yet to be controlled, at Oil India’s Dandewala field at the 250-sq km Jaisalmer block in Rajasthan has forced it to delay plans to drill five wells until January 2016.

Highly inflammable gas began leaking from well DND9 not far from the Indo-Pak border as it was being 'capped' on September 29. “When our team entered the well for maintenance it discovered the well was leaking,” recalls a senior company source.

“Luckily there was no fire or blow-out. We’re trying to kill and abandon the well but the leak is continuing.

We can’t tell how many days or weeks it will take as it is almost 2000 metres below the surface.” Oil India immediately lowered production at the 10-year old well from 40,000 cm/d to 7000 cm/d.

Once the gas leak is controlled it plans to drill a supplementary well to replace the lost 40,000 cm/d production. “We had planned to drill five wells at Dandewala,” adds an Oil India source.

“We may now drill six wells.” Oil India, he adds, has secured environmental clearance to drill 20 wells at a cost of Rs96cr ($150m) across the whole Jaisalmer block.

Oil India issued a LoA to John Energy on May 26 for a 1000-hp rig for the six-month campaign at Dandewala. Each well is expected to take 35-45 days to drill to 2200-3000 metres, targeting the Lower Goru and Pariwar formations.