Gujarat prepares to convert public transport to CNG

Vol 8, PW 20 (12 Jan 05) News in Brief

Gujarat is at last doing something about air pollution in Ahmedabad and the capital Gandhinagar.

On 5th January the state cabinet approved the draft Gujarat CNG Act of 2004. We need Delhis approval before introducing the CNG Act in the state assembly, reveals an official.

Once it comes into force, the CNG Act will make it mandatory from April 2005 for all petrol and diesel run public transport vehicles in Gujarat to switch to CNG. This is a very loosely drafted act, says a gas supplier in Gujarat.

There is no time frame for the conversion and the punitive action seems too harsh. Failure to comply with the provisions of the Act will attract a fine of Rs10, 000.

A second infraction will attract a fine of Rs60, 000 and six months imprisonment. After Ahmedabad, the Gujarat administration will extend the CNG conversion directive to other urban areas such as Vadodra, Surat, and Rajkot.