Canoro begins workover operations in Assam

Vol 8, PW 23 (23 Feb 05) Exploration & Production

Canoro Resources of Canada has begun operations in Assam after several years of uncertainty about its intentions.

Calgary-based Canoro is operator of two assets in Assam: the 1934-sq km exploration block AA-ON/7 and the 52.75-sq km discovered Amguri field. On 15th February any doubts about Canoros commitment to India were laid to rest when a 100-ton workover rig hired from the Mumbai-based Dewanchand Group re-entered the Dergaon 1 well at AA-ON/7 part of an 18-month Phase-II work programme that began last September.

Work is progressing very well, Canoro tells us. We didnt know what to expect from this well.

Canoro believes there may be as much as 50 metres of net hydrocarbon pay in the Dergaon 1 well, which was drilled and abandoned by ONGC in 1973 after revealing small traces of gas. In those days the emphasis was on finding oil, adds Canoro.

But today we are looking for gas too. Work at Dergaon 1 should last a month after which Canoro plans an exploration and development programme at both assets.

Before the onset of rains in May next year, Canoro plans an exploration well at the South Jorhat site at AA-ON/7 some 15-km away from the Dergaon 1 well using the Chinese-made ZJ-30 rig, manned by staff from local oilfield services contractor Assam Petroleum. This month rig ZJ-30 begins its overland journey from Mumbai to Assam where in mid-March it will begin workover operations at Amguri to re-establish oil production from three wells before moving south to drill the exploration well at South Jorhat.

We dont know the exact sequence of events yet, adds Canoro. It all depends on the rains.

Helping Canoro select the drill site is more than 1000-km of old ONGC data and 200-km fresh 2D shot by the company.