BN Talukdar will be among friends at DGH

Vol 17, PW 8 (14 Nov 13) People & Policy

Staff at the DGH are welcoming news that Oil India director BN Talukdar will join as its new chief by December, once his file is cleared by the cabinet.

“Talukdar is from our industry," says a DGH officer. “He understands exploration; we won't have to teach him what a PSC is and what is geology.

” Once appointed, Talukdar will hold the DGH job until December 2014, when he retires. Some officers are also happy to say goodbye to outgoing chief RN Choubey.

Forthright, honest, punctual and unwaveringly professional, Choubey also leaves behind a string of broken promises. “Choubey did not always keep to his commitments," says a source.

"He said he would allocate three nodal officials for every 10 blocks. But we still have one officer handling 10 blocks!" Choubey also promised additional promotion for staff who moved to the DGH, over and above the routine promotions in their parent organisations.

" This was an incentive to bring in talent and retain it at the DGH," we hear. "But no extra promotions were given.

” Employees are also upset with a reduction in technical training and Choubey's tendency to confide in a small group of favourites. “Choubey used to meet with a few officers only and relied on them.

He thought he could learn in a few hours what it took us 20 years to learn,” we hear.