Rajasthan to secure gas from GSPC

Vol 16, PW 15 (21 Feb 13) News in Brief

Rajasthan officials feel it's high time the state began developing its CGD infrastructure and setting up CNG stations.

Rajasthan government-owned Rajasthan State Petroleum Corporation (RSPC) is likely to sign a MoU next month (March) with state-owned GSPC in neighbouring Gujarat as a precursor to a joint venture between the two companies. RSPC wants to source gas from GSPC and share capacity in the Rajasthan stretches of two cross-country gas pipelines being laid by GSPC subsidiary Gujarat State Petronet (GSPL): the 1625-km pipeline from Mehsana in Gujarat to Bhatinda in Punjab, passing through Rajasthan; and the 1746-km pipeline from Mallavaram in Andhra Pradesh to Bhilwara in Rajasthan.

RSPC is hoping gas supplies from GSPC and pipeline capacity from GSPL will allow it to set up a network of CNG stations. Last November RSPC announced a CGD joint venture with GAIL Gas - Rajasthan State GAIL Gas - to set up CNG stations.