'Baseless allegations,' says oil ministry PA

Vol 16, PW 7 (18 Oct 12) News in Brief

In our last edition we reported how oil ministry additional secretary Sudhir Bhargava summoned six middle to low ranking oil ministry employees demanding answers on how confidential and top secret papers are routinely leaked to industry and the press.

One of those Bhargava allegedly called for a grilling on October 3 was (Ms) Geeta Nasa, PA to director exploration PK Singh. “Baseless allegations have been made against me without verifying the facts, based purely on hearsay and motivated by mischievous elements who are deliberately trying the malign the image of staff posted in the oil ministry,” writes Nasa, in a written complaint to this report.

“No meeting, as alleged in your report, was called by the additional secretary and the report is purely a creation of a mischievous mind.” PETROWATCH subsequently learns the CBI is taking a keen interest in this case and is preparing charges against several names mentioned in our report.

Further details are unavailable.