Greatship rig Chetna wins 18-month PMT contract

Vol 15, PW 13 (12 Jan 12) Exploration & Production

British Gas, ONGC and Reliance have succeeded in their fifth attempt to hire a rig to drill production and development wells at the Panna and Tapti fields offshore Mumbai.

BG hired Greatship’s jack-up Chetna on December 27 at $130,000/day for an 18-month contract, after receiving offers from five companies by the September 14 deadline: Greatship, Jindal Drilling, Noble Drilling, Transocean and Ensco. Chetna’s current three-year contract drilling offshore Mumbai for ONGC ends on March 27.

But ONGC is expected to release the rig in February on completion of her present well. Chetna will then undergo ‘underwater inspections’ before beginning her new assignment.

BG, which handles daily PMT operations, wants Chetna to mobilise at her first drilling location no later than April as the monsoon season begins in the western offshore by mid-May after which marine surveyors do not allow rigs to mobilise or demobilise. Chetna is likely to drill 17 wells during her PMT contract.

She will be mobilised first to Panna’s new PL platform for a ‘deployability test’ to see if she can drill in the soft soil there. If Chetna passes the test, she is likely to drill six wells at PL in water depths of 60 metres, each to around 3000 metres TD.

In addition, BG might use Chetna to drill up to four ‘infill’ wells at Panna. But if Chetna fails the PL ‘deployability test’ she might be sent directly to the MTA platform at Tapti to drill three ‘extended reach development wells’, also in water depths of around 60 metres, each up to 5000 metres TD.

Finally, PMT partners want the rig to drill up to four wells at the South Tapti field in water depths of around 40 metres, each to around 2800 metres TD.