LNG spot imports

Vol 14, PW 26 (30 Jun 11) News in Brief

Texas-based Excelerate Gas Marketing has delivered its third LNG cargo to GSPC under a five cargo deal signed in January.

Company-owned tanker Explorer flying the Belgian flag and carrying 135,160 cubic metres of LNG loaded at Freeport on the Texas Gulf Coast landed at the Dahej terminal on June 17. An advanced technology LNG Regasification Vessel (LNGRV), the 150,900 cubic metre capacity Explorer was last year used by Kuwait as a FSRU (Floating Storage and Regasification) unit.

Two earlier LNG cargoes from Excelerate landed at Dahej for GSPC on February 5 and April 23 this year. Another two are expected to land at Dahej in July and August.

Reliance meanwhile continues to buy as much LNG as it can and landed a 137,752 cubic metre cargo aboard Adamawa, owned by Bermuda based BGT and managed by the Anglo Eastern Group, at Hazira on June 22. Reliance bought this cargo from SITME (Shell International Trading Middle East) which sourced it from Nigeria LNG.