Singh & Manu

Vol 14, PW 21 (21 Apr 11) News in Brief

Prashant Kumar Singh, 42, oil ministry director refineries, is being talked about as a possible replacement for Manu Srivastava, director gas projects.

Srivastava, 43, officially ends his five-year term in Delhi on August 30 this year, but some say his transfer might come as early as next month (May). Last month (March), the oil ministry began the process of replacing Srivastava by requesting the Department of Personnel & Training to send the names of three directors that could come to the oil ministry.

Any new director, it’s said, will assume Singh’s current role, while he moves sideways to fill Srivastava’s position. Singh currently reports to joint secretary refineries LN Gupta, but if he takes Srivastava’s job, he’ll report to Apurva Chandra, joint secretary marketing.

Singh joined the IAS from Manipur-Tripura in 1993 and moved to the oil ministry on June 28, 2010. Srivastava joined the IAS from Madhya Pradesh in 1991 and is increasingly talked of as the state’s future energy secretary.