IGL wise words

Vol 14, PW 10 (04 Nov 10) News in Brief

Indraprastha Gas managing director Rajesh Vedvyas has criticised PNGRB plans to accelerate the setting up of new CGD networks across India.

“Before we embark on a wild roll-out,” said Vedvyas at Petrotrech-2010 on October 30, “we need to see how established businesses are working.” Vedvyas questioned why CGD successes in Mumbai, Delhi and Gujarat could not be replicated in smaller places like Lucknow, Kanpur or Indore “These cities have been receiving gas for five years,” added Vedvyas.

“But total CNG sales have not even reached 100,000 cm/d.” Vedvyas said the Board should first address some basic questions: where will gas come from Can already established players meet existing demand In Delhi alone, he said, IGL has a “long list” of industrial customers whose demand it can’t meet.

Vedyas’ advice to the regulator was clear. “Deal with the ground realities,” he said.

“Sort out existing problems first, and then roll-out the CGD business in a big way.”