Jubilant migration

Vol 14, PW 10 (04 Nov 10) News in Brief

Birds fly south to warmer climates as winter approaches.

It must be getting quite cold in Jubilant Energy’s Noida offices. Why else would 10 senior employees have left in the past six months “Jubilant’s offices look deserted,” says a service contractor who visits the company regularly.

“This time, I went there after just a month and found new faces.” But a senior company source downplays the mass exodus.

“You know how the oil and gas sector works,” he says. “People move between companies.

It isn’t a big deal.” In private Jubilant sources blame former chief executive Atul Sathe who now heads Adani Welspun Exploration and is believed to be “poaching” good talent from his former company.

Several geologists, reservoir engineers, civil engineers and a few ‘asset’ managers have all recently left Bhartia-controlled Jubilant for Adani Welspun. “Sathe knows their salaries,” we hear.

“He offers better pay.” Sathe rubbished the rumour when contacted.

“If people are leaving Jubilant,” he said, “ask them, not me.”

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